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Stress free take off and landing, top performance combined with a fine smooth handling . These are the claims a tandem pilot expects on a modern tandem glider. With the Xplor-AIR we have the glider for the needs of professional and the hobby pilots.

Our designer Team did one again a grat job by the construction of this tandem wing. With the help of one of the most advanced design software which is currently available our team realized a very stable and efficient canopy. Due to the exact computer assisted canopy design we increased the aerodynamic efficiency and reduced the drag of the canopy to a minimum. This aerodynamic advantage is particulary noticable by the glider ratio and the general performance of the Xplor-AIR.

An important aspect in tandem flying is of course safety. This begins already on the ground. Through the clearly designed risers are the lines easy to sort and possibility of tangled lines is reduced in advance. The Xplor-AIR impresses most by the easy manageable take off and landing behaviour. In his entrie weight range he has approved maximum safety in all maneuvers along with a handling which comes extremely close to a solo wing.
Of course we paid attention in a high quality in construction and workmanship to the needs on a tandem paraglider.

So we sat on a sophisticated mix of materials, which promise on one hand a very lang life time and on the other hand a low weight of the wing. We are using, depending on the location, different types of the light and durable Domenico Skytex to meet these demands. In the leading edge of the Xplor-AIR we are using, as one of the first Tandem wings, flexible kink rsistant plastic rod, which replace the mylar reinforcements. this technology raises the profile loyalty and as well as the stability of the leading edge. In addition to significant weight saving these rods increase the profile accuracy and optimize the filling behavior during take off.


  • Low canopy weight of only 9,1 kg 
  • High safety reserves 
  • Perfect handling
  • Small packing size
  • Flexible Nylon sticks
  • Easy takeoff and landing behaviours
  • Durable and high quality materials
  • Effective trimmer system
  • High certificated weight range

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  • Size Xplor-AIR 41
    Size % 100
    Flat-Area qm 41,00
    Projected-Area qm 34,95
    Flat-Span m 14,60
    Projected Span m 11,43
    Flat Aspect Ratio A/R 5,20
    Projected Aspect Ratio A/R 3,73
    Number of cells   52
    Trim Speed km/h 38
    Top Speed km/h >48
    Weight Range min. kg 140
    Weight Range max. kg 230
    Certification EN/LTF B
  • x-plor-air.pdf

    Manual "X-Plor-Air"

    2.2 M