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Thermik Magazin

Finally, Markus Gründhammer presented the ultimate XC-Wing.

The new X-Fighter is a hot-blooded “Sportklasse” wing that will thrill the ambitious XC-Pilot with superlative flight performance and a high safety level.
The X-Fighter was developed in combination with aerodynamic and geometric twist.

The complex canopy construction guarantees an extraordinary stability and makes the wing free of wrinkles. It excels through its direct handling and precise canopy feedback even in a accelerated gliding flight.

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  • Size X-Fighter 24 27
    Size % 94 98
    Flat-Area qm 24,19 26,25
    Projected-Area qm 20,39 22,13
    Flat-Span m 12,19 12,69
    Projected Span m 10,27 10,70
    Flat Aspect Ratio A/R 6,14 6,14
    Projected Aspect Ratio A/R 5,17 5,17
    Number of cells   73 73
    Trim Speed km/h 38 38
    Top Speed km/h 55 55
    Glide weight kg 6,20 6,50
    Weight Range min. kg 70 85
    Weight Range max. kg 90 110
    Sinkwert min. m/s 1,0 1,0
    Certification EN/LTF B B
  • x_fighter.pdf

    Manual "X-Fighter"

    438 K


    DHV Test "X-Fighter 24"

    88 K


    DHV Test "X-Fighter 27"

    56 K