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Speedy GonzalesSpeedy Gonzales


Thermik Magazin

Speedriding is the new racy combination of skiing and flying.

Created by a few crazy french guys, which presented these breathtaking runs/flights first time on the DVD of the acro competition AcroFolies 2005.
Since that time there’s no stop. The first speedrider are experienced or professional acro pilots or skydivers.
But once seen speedriding inspires everybody. Pilots, skiers, kiter and alpinists tried it meanwhile and became fans instantly.

Speedriding is high-speed - riding along the slope at high speed - flying along the slope at high speed with a few meters or centimeters away - skiing and in pathless parts of the slope simply take off and fly over. At the next good part of the slope touch again and go ahead carving ... and if there's not yet snow ... sweep wagas trough the dunes.

ATTENTION! Speedriding is highly virulent and accessable for all professional and excellent skiers, snow kiters and pilots on their search for adrenaline!

But be careful:  Because of its high speed, closeness to ground level and flying phases Speedriding is only for professional and excellent skiers or pilots. First steps only recommendable on an unobstructed and locked practice slope with a skilled instructor.

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  • Size Speedy Gonzales  
    Plan surface qm 12,80
    Span m 6,80
    A/R A/R 3,6
    line length m 3,50
    riser   A/B 55cm
    Stall speed km/h 25
    V max. km/h >75
    Number of Cells   22
    max. load kg 1200
    complete weight kg < 3
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    Speedriding Winter
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    Speedriding Summer