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The REVOlution in rescue parachutes! by Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterIndependence : only the best

For a long time the name Annular have been synonym for quality, reliability and innumerable successful openings of a rescue-parchute. But with our latest innovation - the Annular EVO series - we were even able to improve the Annular technology in essential points.

Overview of the Annular EVO facts:

  • extrem high quality standards in production and choice of materials
  • thousandfold approved Annular technology
  • lowest sinkrates
  • low oscillation-tendency
  • very low weight of the parachute, by newly developed, light and high-strength materials.
  • Ram-Air-Pockets: For the fastest and safest opening which is possible at round-canopies!
  • New innercontainer-technology for a fast and defined opening.
  • orange signal colour
  • certified according to LTF 35/03 (German type approval) and EN 12491 (European standard).

  • Weight reduction:
    By intense developmental work, especially in the field of material´s development, we were able to reach decisive advantages concerning the weight of the parachutes. The newly developed, extreme light and high-strength fabrics and lines, which we use for the Annular EVO, enables a weight reduction of 30% compared with the classic version of the Annular rescue-parachute.

    Here is a short comparison of the rescue-parachutes´ weights:
Rescue System Surface m² max. Take-off Weight Weight of the parachute
Annular20 EVO 32 100kg 1,55kg
Annular20 32 100kg 2,1kg
Annular22 EVO 36 130kg 1,8kg
Annular22 36 120kg 2,5kg
Annular24 EVO 40 160kg 2,0kg
Annular24 40 160kg 2,8kg
Annular Tandem EVO 65 230kg 3,1kg
Annular36 (Tandem) 67 250kg 4,2kg
  • Ram-Air-Pockets:
    The Annular EVO, as well as the Öffnet internen Link im aktuellen FensterPiccolo EVO are equipped with the opening-accelerating "Ram-Air-Pockets".
    The Ram-Air-Pockets are two small parabolic-shaped pockets; that are sewn on two opposing segments of the parachute´s base at the outer edge. During the ‘elongation-phase’ of the rescue-parachute (and especially at low speeds) opening, these pockets have a very positive influence on the opening behaviour of the rescue-parachute.

    Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterHere you find further information...
  • New innercontainer system:
    A further clear advantage of the Annular Evo series is a new designed innercontainer, which enables an extreme fast opening. A perfect throw of the rescue-parachute shortens the opening time clearly! Out of this reason the drogue-parachute is released shortly after the throw of the rescue-parachute package. This enables the pilot to throw the rescue-parachute-package more dynamically.

    Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterHere you find further information...
  • signal colour orange:
    An considerable safety-advantage is the fabric-colour of the Annular EVO! The signal-colour orange can be seen perfectly on snow, forest and rocks, because the orange colour offers a very good contrast on nearly every background!
  • summary:
    So, the new Annular EVO series combines the very good sinkrates and high pendulum stability, the advantages of the classic Annular series, with newest materials and development influences, which makes the Annular EVO to a rEVOlutionary good rescue-parachute.