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Die REVOlution goes on! by Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterIndependence : only the best

The facts of the EVO Cross series:

  • Extremely fast opening time, up to 40% below the approved limit of 5 sec
  • Opening time close to the theoretical minimum
  • Lowest sink rate, up to 15% below the certification limits of 5,5 m/s
  • No oscillation
  • High opening safety, even at negative rotation and spiral dives
  • Low weight because of extremely lightweight and resistant materials
  • Fabric in orange signal color
  • According LTF/ 91/09 and
  • EN 12491 tested

Signal colour orange:
An considerable safety-advantage is the fabric-colour of the Annular EVO! The signal-colour orange can be seen perfectly on snow, forest and rocks, because the orange colour offers a very good contrast on nearly every background!


So, the new EVO Cross series combines the lowest sinkrates, the highest pendulum stability and the fastest opening time in one rescue system. So it results:

EVO CROSS - Sucurity in square