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Madness has got a new name: Markus Gründhammer...

And he has found a new toy himself that can be equalled by no other.

Succeeding the PSYCHOHAMMER EXTREM, the DEATHBLADE 13.01 is by far now the most expensive and structurally complex paraglider ever.
When designing this sensational wing, we spared neither effort nor expenses. But only ONE will fly it….

The technical specifications speak for themselves. All those wanting to witness this mega glider in action will have to make their way to the Stubaital where Markus Gründhammer is making his rounds with it.

Markus Gründhammer's comment:

"Finally, a wing that meets my expectations of performance and flying qualities and equally challenges my skills. Some guys need a Ferrari. As for me, I build my own paragliders in order to advance as a test pilot and also on a personal scale. To me, the motivation of finding ever new dimensions and testing out the limits of feasibility means developing mental strength and feeling "pure life".

Cheers... "

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  • Size Deathblade  
    Flat-Area qm 25,00
    Projected-Area qm 20,49
    Flat-Span m 18,13
    Projected-Span m 13,59
    Flat Aspect Ratio A/R 13,01
    Projected Aspect Ratio A/R 9,01
    Trim Speed km/h 45
    Top Speed km/h 68
    Number of Cells   113
    Glider depth (center) m 1,65
    Glide weight kg 7,6
    Weight Range min. kg 95
    Weight Range max. kg 105
    Number of components   2795
    LTF Certification   MG himself