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Thermik Magazin

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The Spider is now available as a new, updated version! The breathable-cushioned, orange-coloured back-part is setting optical accents. But also some new functions are implemented at the new Spider . For example new seatboard-ergonomics in combination with a further belt at the lower back, makes the new Spider fitting even better. Thus improves the power-transmission clearly.

The new harness Spider is the most sportive one of the Independence range. By it´s perfect aerodynamically shape in combination with a very direct and low suspension it offers the pilot a optimized glidercontrol with a very comfortable seat position.

The rescuesystem is intergrated at the front under the pilot´s seat, which makes the complete harness even more compact. Generous storage space, passing-trough shoulder belts, LTF-certified protector and the SnapLock carabiners are of course included.

The Spider is made in perfect quality by high-end materials. Out of this reason it is also very light. So the weight of the medium size is just only 4,5 kg including carabiners!

The Spider is first choice for thermal- and XC-pilots who are looking for a very comfortable but also sportive harness. Available in the stylish colour combinatin black/grey with orange and withe decolines in four sizes.


  • Leg-strap with cut-away-systemSportive, comfortable and well fitting, because of new 3-D-Design
  • Rescuesystem integrated in bottom
  • Very good aerodynamic shape
  • Weight-optimized: Medium size 4,5kg!!
  • LTF-certified back-protector
  • Big back pocket
  • In four sizes available (S-XL)
  • SnapLock carabiners
  • LTF (german type approval) - certified

Here you can download a complete Spider manual:

Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterSpider (current version)
Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterSpider (oldest version, different handle)