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We have updated our successful reversible harness! Not only an optical facelift by the orange coloured and cushioned back-part, but also several functional modifications make the new Emotion EVO probably to one of the best reversible harnesses on the market.

Our new reversible harness Emotion EVO can be transformed with only a few moves from a harness to a rucksack and vice versa! Thereby the already ligthweight harness offers the advantage that no separate packsack with additional weight is needed anymore. The rucksack of the new Emotion EVO offers the possibility to adjust the height of the complete shoulder-strap-system. This enables a perfect fitting of the Rucksack on the pilot´s back, no matter what body size the pilot have. Out of this reason it´s quite comfortable to carry the rucksack of the Emotion EVO especially on longer walks.

Despite it´s low weight of only 4.3kg the Emotion EVO is an absolute fully, very comfortable harness, which offers a great feedback to the glider and best flight-characteristics. On the new Emotion EVO the belt-geometry is optimized. So for example the position where the stirrup can be attached has changed, so the seatboard will be slightly pulled upwards while using the stirrup. This enables the pilot to get in an aerodynamical better position.

The packsack of our reversible harness is now even bigger, so a complete paragliding-gear can be stored easily. Because of it´s compact shape and it´s height-adjusting it is very comfortable to carry and offers a good load distribution.

A total innovation at the Emotion EVO is the rescueparachute-innercontainer with it´s integrated release-handle (this container is availabel in several sizes). Up to now the release handle and the innercontainer were two separate parts, which have to be combined first, usually by stowing. Not so at the Emotion EVO: Here the release-handle and the innercontainer are one unit! Thereby the installation of the rescue-parachute to the harness is defined more clearly. A wrong mounting of the rescue-parachute to the harness, for example caused by a wrong fixing of the handle to the innercontainer, is not possible anymore!

Of course the Emotion EVO is equipped with a dual-chamber airbag-protector and is certified according to LTF (german type approval) and EN (European Norm). The bottom of the airbag is made of a bend-resistible material, which ensures the shape and durability of the airbag. Target group of the Emotion EVO are not only alpinists who usually walk up to the take-off, but also all other pilots who follow the trend to lighter harnesses without making any compromise regarding the functionality and comfort.


  • light reversible harness with integrated rucksack, which is completely height-adjustable.
  • despite the low weight very comfortable
  • rescue-parachute container integrated at the bottom
  • Innercontainer combined with release-handle, this reduces the risk of a wrong installation of the rescue-parachute
  • very light (S size: 4,3kg incl. carabiners)
  • LTF/EN-certified airbag back-protector
  • available in 4 sizes (S,M,L,XL)
  • LTF (German type approval) and EN (European Norm) - certified

Öffnet externen Link in neuem FensterHere you can download a complete manual of the "Emotion EVO". 

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