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Thermik Magazin

  • This picture has not been computer generated. It was taken in-flight and shows the canopy of the NEMETON. Check out the intricate work of our "Alien Design".

    This icon is sewn into the sail with all stitches on the inside. Not only does this sensational design clearly outshine the competition, no, this wing's performance parameters such as glide, speed, and climb have no equal.

    The NEMETON by WINGS OF CHANGE clearly outperforms. While still in its test phase, we realized that the NEMETON opens up new dimension with respect to safety. Unsurprisingly, the DHV awarded the NEMETON a category 2 rating (unaccelerated), and only a single 2-3 rating when accelerated.

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  • Size Nemeton N22 N24 N26 N28
    Flat-Area qm 21,78 23,71 25,73 27,83
    Projected-Area qm 19,52 21,26 23,07 24,95
    Flat-Span m 11,53 12,03 12,53 13,03
    Projected-Span m 9,57 9,96 10,04 10,82
    Flat Aspect Ratio A/R 6,1 6,1 6,1 6,1
    Projected Aspect Ratio A/R 4,69 4,69 4,69 4,69
    Number of Cells   61 61 61 61
    Glide weight kg 5,8 6,3 6,8 7,1
    Weight Range min. kg 50 65 85 95
    Weight Range max. kg 80 90 110 120
    LTF Certification LTF/EN BEP BEP D / GH D /GH
  • nemeton.pdf

    Manual "Nemeton"

    314 K


    DHV Test "Nemeton N26"

    41 K