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Thermik Magazin

Following the much sought-after TAIFUN, the NEMESIS represents the logically consistent development and design step. This top notch glider rounds off the Wings Of Change product range in the DHV 1-2 class. The introduction of a newly developed flap system markedly improves the glider's behaviour during full stalls and in slow flight.

When the pilot stalls the NEMESIS, the now open flaps act like brakes which slow the backward movement of the canopy during a full stall, thus allowing for easy, smooth entry and exit of the manoeuvre.

The NEMESIS offers another special feature: all sizes are built exactly the same, except for their area. Given identical wing loading, the gliders behave exactly the same during all aerial manouvres and show no performance differences whatsoever.

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  • Size Nemesis XS Acro S M L
    Flat-Area qm 22,45 23,96 27,11 30,44
    Projected-Area qm 20,73 22,11 25,03 28,11
    Flat-Span m 11,12 11,49 12,22 12,95
    Projected-Span m 9,61 9,92 10,56 11,18
    Flat Aspect Ratio A/R 5,51 5,51 5,51 5,51
    Projected Aspect Ratio A/R 4,45 4,45 4,45 4,45
    Trim Speed km/h 38-40 37-39 37-39 37-39
    Top Speed km/h 48-52 48-50 48-50 48-50
    Number of Cells   44 44 44 44
    Glide weight kg 5,6 5,9 6,2 6,5
    Weight Range min. kg 60 65 80 100
    Weight Range max. kg 110 90 105 125
    LTF Certification LTF/EN Acro-BEP B B B
  • nemesis.pdf

    Manual "Nemesis"

    685 K


    DHV Test "Nemesis S"

    56 K


    DHV Test "Nemesis M"

    56 K


    DHV Test "Nemesis L"

    56 K