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Thermik Magazin

Innovativ and Hightech, not only to reduce weight:

Due to high-strength dyneema lines - additionaly strengthened with kevlar on all loops - and the brand-new only 27g/m2 light and nevertheless high-strength and long-living tissue of NVC the ÖTZI is a lightweight, and we could improve flight performance also.

Launch charateristics, performance and safety are - compared to conventional construction - noticeable better. This makes the ÖTZI the ideal partner for mountain hikes, relaxing XC-flights an perfect for groundhandling.

  • Size Ötzi S M
    Flat-Area qm 25,36 28,10
    Projected-Area qm 21,47 23,79
    Flat-Span m 11,18 11,77
    Projected-Span m 9,28 9,77
    Flat Aspect Ratio A/R 4,93 4,93
    Projected Aspect Ratio A/R 4,01 4,01
    Trim Speed km/h 36-38 36-38
    Top Speed km/h 46-48 46-48
    Number of Cells   38 38
    Glide weight kg 3,7 3,7
    Weight Range min. kg 55 75
    Weight Range max. kg 80 100
    LTF Certification LTF/EN A A
  • oetzi.pdf

    Betriebshandbuch "Ötzi"

    686 K


    DHV Test "Ötzi S"

    84 K


    DHV Test "Ötzi M"

    84 K