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"with the Skyman" and wings of change

Perfect organization, high personal commitment by all Wings of change employees and a very collegial work environment allow for Markus Gründhammer and his team to meet the highest standards. Year round, Wings of change offers competent and no-strings-attached advice.

The brand name "Wings of change" stands for first-class quality at truly fair prices. Our clients value the opportunity to trade-in any Wings of change glider bought from Markus. Top conditions guaranteed.

Our client portfolio not only lists many enthusiastic pilots but also successful flight schools and professional dealers who all recognize the quality of our products.

Over the years, Markus has made a name for himself as a world class aerobatics pilot. Only his hard training regimen allows Markus to satisfy his own, ever rising standards.

Awe-inspiring dynamism, exceptional precision and true aesthetics are the hallmark of each of his manoeuvres. Diligent risk control, exceedingly high levels of concentration and glider control make Markus what he is today: the ultimate professional.

All year round, Markus impresses with his breath taking flight shows. The true pro, Markus' aerobatics are being performed without accident. We are proud of the fact that every member of our team has proven that he belongs amongst the best in the world.

Wings of change has been recognized for years by the ÖeAC as a designer and manufacturer of paragliders. Wings of change also services gliders and equipment, and acts as sole importer of various makes.

Markus Gründhammer and his team have little else but paragliding on their minds. To them, flying is a way of life. The product range offered by Wings of change has been tested by professional pilots during countless flights. Not only years of experience as test pilots, but also hundreds of hours in the shop have made them service- and repair specialists also.

This knowledge and experience guarantees first-class advice. Close cooperation with the design team, the manufacturer, and the DHV/ÖAeC ensure that we represent the latest in technological advancements. Service work, bi-annual checks which we complete within 24 hours, as well as checks of reserve chutes, are being done adhering strictly to the current safety rules and guidelines of the DHV.