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Thermik Magazin

EDONIS -  The further development of the legendary ISIS

Safe, agile, sexy and performing. 
So good that our test pilots loved to take the Edonis for XC flights more than testing above water! 
WOC-valves technology for more security
Extra strong rip material for a long lifetime. 
Easy going and very precise handling for more fun.









  • Size Edonis S M L
    Flat-Area qm 25,36 28,10 30,39
    Projected-Area qm 21,47 23,79 25,73
    Flat-Span m 11,18 11,77 12,24
    Projected-Span m 9,28 9,77 10,16
    Flat Aspect Ratio A/R 4,93 4,93 4,93
    Projected Aspect Ratio A/R 4,01 4,01 4,01
    Trim Speed km/h 36-38 36-38 36-38
    Top Speed km/h 46-48 46-48 46-48
    Number of Cells   38 38 38
    Glide weight kg 5,2 5,6 6,0
    Weight Range min. kg 55 75 95
    Weight Range max. kg 80 100 130
    LTF Certification LTF/EN A A A
  • edonis.pdf

    Manual "Edonis"

    814 K


    DHV Test "Edonis S"

    65 K


    DHV Test "Edonis M"

    65 K


    DHV Test "Edonis L"

    65 K